Smart Home Solutions

Get interactive. Turn your home into a smart, time, money and energy saving building.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions, offered by Bournes and powered by Builiding36, conveniently allows:

  1. Remote Access and Control: Access and control your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer.
  2. Custom Automation: Create unique schedules for your products to operate around your lifestyle.
  3. Notifications: Text and email notifications inform you of the changes at home you care about most.
  4. Interactive Monitoring: Prevent costly damage to the critical systems in your home with 24/7 self-monitoring that alerts you if something is wrong.

Here is what you get with Smart Home:

  • Air Solutions - discover the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort.
    • Intelligent Thermostat
    • Temperature Sensor
    • IR Remote (control your ductless mini-split from anywhere)
  • Water Solutions - prevent thousands of dollars in damage with instant water detection.
    • Water Sensors
    • Water Shut-off
    • Sump Pump Monitor
  • Energy Solutions - save energy with smart lights and turn any power outlet into a smart outlet.
    • Light Switches
    • Smart Energy Switch
    • Heavy Duty Smart Switch
    • Home Energy Meter
  • Access Solutions - monitor and access to any door or window in your home. 
    • Door Locks
    • Garage Door Opener
    • Door and Window Sensors

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