Wesroc Remote Fuel & Temperature Monitor

The WESROC Remote Monitoring System can be used on any refined liquid fuel, heating oil and propane tanks. The system can display readings from multiple tanks at a location with only a single Base Unit.

Bourne's will be alerted of any trouble via a call, email or text should a problem arise.The Wesroc Home Monitoring system is great for second homes, people who travel or work often and banks with foreclosures and no one living in the home.

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What the WESROC does

  1. Works remotely.
  2. Continually monitors fuel level and indoor temperature in your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  3. Alerts Bourne's when your tank needs to be filled.
  4. Backup generator alarm emails alerts or cell phone text alerts allow you to contact the appropriate company for service - if applicable.
  5. Monitor will also notify Bourne's if there is a power loss in your home.
  6. It will automatically alert Bourne's when your home's temperature drops - so you can check on your home to avoid pipes from freezing.
  7. Monitors up to eight tanks and/or a combination of alarms.
  8. Does not interfere with telephone operation.

How the Wesroc Home Heat Monitor works

WecRoc Home Heat Monitor How it Works Diagram

  1. The Transmitter -  The addition of this small transmitter on your propane/fuel oil tank ensures constant monitoring with instant updates of all tank events such as low fuel levels, tank fills or sudden erratic operation. This durable unit contains internal self-diagnostics, requires no maintenance and is weatherproof...it's not even affected by deep snow. The transmitter is powered by a battery that will last 10 plus years, while sending data from the base unit.
  2. The Base Unit - Low tank levels and fills are reported immediately...for up to 8 different tanks. The unit is self-healing with internal diagnostics and requires no reset after a power loss. The high and low temperature ranges are set and the unit will report alerts to Bourne's Energy should these limits be exceeded. When applicable, a burner lock-out, flood alert, generator alarm or a pool temperature (or even a wine cellar) notification can also be sent. Power outage alerts are also sent and the reports and alerts never interfere with normal telephone operations.
  3. Reports Back - Bourne's Energy receives reports that list every tank fill with the date time and gallons delivered, thereby creating a chronological history of all your tank activity. These reports ensure timely deliveries so you will never run out of fuel.
  4. Delivery - Because Bourne's Energy is monitoring your tank levels, you can rest assured that delivery of your propane/fuel oil will be there when you need it.