Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit / BPI Certified Partner - Sisler Builders

When you have a drafty home, you aren't just losing heat, your losing money. Energy audits and improvements can help you create a home that’s efficient and more comfortable. And can help you see a savings of up to 30% on your energy bills largely because you are burning less heating fuel.

Building Performance Institute certified audits include:

  • Blower door tests and analysis
  • Duct blaster tests and analysis
  • Combustion appliance inspection and analysis of performance regarding proper function, efficiency, health, and safety
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) worst case depressurization testing for health and safety 
  • Gas line inspection for leaks
  • Thermal building scans
  • Insulation inspection and evaluation
  • Electrical appliance inspection and evaluation regarding energy efficiency
  • Inspection and diagnosis of air leakage, moisture infiltration, thermal loss, and air quality problems
  • Carbon monoxide level testing and problem diagnosis
  • Ice dam build-up diagnosis on roofs
  • Window and door performance evaluation
  • Eligibility for Efficiency Vermont incentives and rebates for home performance improvement.

Once the audit is completed, we review our findings and potential remediation options with you. We help you to access available incentives and rebates, and at your request, will prepare an estimate for further remedial work to the extent that you are interested in pursuing additional savings and improvements.

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