Pragmatic and practical - the power of propane

Most people may use propane to heat their home or feed the flame in their grill, but the clean burning, energy efficient fuel has a plethora of uses beyond the domestic setting. In the Green Mountain state, which is still rich with pastures and grazing grounds, many farmers have started to utilize the fuel for practical plant-based purposes. 

Stay warm
While the first snowfall may be a welcome sight to seasoned New Englanders, a fine frost can be detrimental to thriving crops. New methods are currently being developed to help keep farmlands from freezing over during the wintertime using propane heaters.

Weed elimination
While weeds may be natural, they are by no means welcome. Every year, hard working harvesters take to their fields to rid their plots of the pesky vegetation. In the past, pesticides have been a go-to method for weed removal, due to their quick application and effectiveness. Unfortunately they can do more harm than good to the surrounding environment. A new machine dubbed the Stinger Steam Weed Control has recently been developed, which implements propane heat to kill weeds.