Another power outage- Time to get a generator

Generators help guard against the potential dangers that power outages can bring - loss of heating and cooling systems, spoiled food, lighting, freezing pipes, loss of medical equipment functionality and mold from excessive moisture. Whether it's your home, business or both, a generator will protect you. Your business can’t afford to go down when the power goes out. Protect your data, security systems, inventory—in short, your bottom line—with a Honeywell generator. Keep your home comfortable, your business doors open and your customers buying during the next power outage.

A generator automatically protects what matters most to you and your family or business in a power outage such as:

• Air Conditioning
• Furnace
• Lighting
• Refrigeration
• Water Heater
• Kitchen appliances
• Electronics
• Security Systems
• Medical Equipment
• Sump Pump

The generator and transfer switch work together to monitor utility power 24/7. If the power goes out, the system will automatically start. The generator sits outside the home or business while the transfer swtich is typically located next to the main breaker box. Contact us for more information and a free estimate.