Environmentally-conscious buyers helping the glass industry

More homeowners are conducting energy audits to find new ways to save money and go green. In turn, the sales of energy-efficient windows, siding and doors appear to be on the rise, which appears to be good news for the glass industry.

In recent years, the glass-making industry has been on the decline, according to Solve Climate News. More manufacturers are moving to foreign countries, such as China, and propelling business in other parts of the world. Although it's been a rough decade for companies in the U.S., the rise of environmentally-conscious homeowners might be just what the industry needs.

"[Glass] is kind of taken for granted because people see right through it," Rao Mulpuri, CEO of the Soladigm glass company, told the news source. "Products like this [dynamic technology] ... move the glass in the window up the value chain [for project developers]."

More homeowners are turning to energy-efficient windows, doors and siding because it can reduce their utility bills over time as well. This translates into more money that can be put toward savings.

Insulated glass windows are becoming especially important for homeowners who are interested in energy-efficient air conditioning, too.