Smart Pay

Smart Pay for propane, bioheat and wood pellets.

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You can avoid billing spikes in the Winter by making equal monthly payments on your anticipated annual fuel costs for the heating season. The more months you spread the payments across, the lower the payment. *minimum of 100 gallons* 

Bourne's Energy Smart Pay. We're very protective, but we don't bite.

Smart Pay Plans

1. Price Protection

This Plan allows our customers to receive a price that will “cap”-out should the market go up, as well as give the flexibility to benefit should prices decline. This plan also allows you the ease of having monthly budget payments. This program works well for customers that want the protection of the cap with the convenience of making monthly budget payments.

2. Fixed Price Pre-buy

This Plan gives customers the opportunity to pay for a set amount of gallons at a fixed price at the beginning of the season. This plan works well for customers that prefer to make one payment for a set amount of gallons and not receive individual invoices. Pay for it and forget it.

3. Pay As You Go

Pay-as-you-go is exactly as it sounds. You pay for the fuel that you order as you order it. This option does not tie you into any type of pricing or contract. On Pay-as-you-go customers can choose to be on Will-Call so that they can order fuel when they need it and for how much they can afford (minimum delivery of 100 g) or on Automatic delivery (For credit approved customers only).