Wood Pellets

Wood Pellet SALE - $299 a ton!

Did you know that Bourne's now delivers pellets in bag or bulk through-out Vermont?

Sold and delivered in bulk and by the pallet. Individual Bags can be picked up at various Bourne's locations. Smart Pay plans are available for pellets.

Quality Wood Pellets

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$35.00 Within town / Call for out of town delivery prices  

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Vermont Wood Pellets

Vermont Wood Pellet Co., an award winning pellet, uses sustainably harvested local wood from the Green Mountains of Vermont and they also use secondary growth. Switching to Vermont Wood Pellets helps make a difference globally and locally – heating with locally sourced and manufactured wood pellets reduces our dependence on foreign fossil fuels while supporting the local economy.

Vermont Wood Pellet Co. relies on more than 50 local loggers and truckers for our supplies, and our employees are local Vermonters. Local, sustainable, clean – what’s not to like?

Vermont Wood Pellet Plant

They have plenty of test results and lab reports to back up the belief that Vermont Wood Pellet Co. makes the best super-premium pellet fuel on the market today. Low ash content, high BTU, the numbers are in, and they show that Vermont Wood Pellets are just what you're looking for. Learn more about Vermont Wood Pellets.

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