Kerosene fuel

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Benefits of using Kerosene

Kerosene is an oil byproduct used as a fuel and heat source.

  • Power - Kerosene heaters allow an area to be kept warm in the event of a power outage. This makes them invaluable for emergency and disaster preparedness.
  • Fuel - Kerosene heaters use a fuel that is very energy efficient. This allows significant heat to be produced from minimal amounts of fuel, compared with other heating sources such as wood or coal.
  • Zoning - Using a kerosene heater in addition to a typical furnace allows areas to be heated in zones. In zoned heating, one room can be kept warmer without increasing the heat to all other rooms, saving energy and money.
  • Safety - Because kerosene heaters burn very efficiently, they are usually safe for indoor use. As a precaution, a small amount of air ventilation is usually recommended.
  • Expense - Kerosene has been used as a heat source for decades. Because of their simple operation, quality kerosene heaters are typically available at a lower cost than comparable propane or electric units.