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"Hi Peter, my wife and I recently experienced problems with our system 2000 installed at our home on 258 Vermont Avenue in Hardwick, Vermont. A Bourne's Tech responded to our call for service but found that we needed a new manager for the system and placed a temporary manager on the system. I found this did not correct the problem and we were getting frustrated as we received a proposal indicating a cost of nearly $1000 for a rebuilt manager. This made us wonder if we should consider a new system and karen of your staff put me in touch with John Hemingway. John from the very first telephone conversation restored our faith in Bournes Energy as we begin to think no one cared.I was impressed with John's professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude. After hearing our problem he offered to come to our home and take a look at the furnace and determine and correct the problem. I welcomed this and within hours he was at our home, determined the problem and corrected it Our furnace has never run as well as it does at the moment.Your employee  John Hemingway is in our opinion an outstanding employee and we now have full faith in your Business and we now realize that Bournes Energy does care about the customer. I sincerely hope you let him know that he is a very valued employee."

Sincerely, Bert and Kathryn 

"I would like to express that I am very happy with the service I recently received from Bourne's Energy. Our boiler kicked off on Friday night and I was unable to restart it. After some basic trouble-shooting I then put an emergency service call into Bourne's Energy on Saturday morning. It only took two hours for the Plumber to arrive and I was updated on his ETA as I had requested.

Scott was the Plumber who came to service the boiler. He displayed very professional behavior: shoes off at the door, fully prepared with neat toolbox, did not need to go out to his truck to retrieve anything, etc. He was very straightforward to assess the problem and solve it. What I appreciate most was his willingness to explain the system to me and allow me to observe his work. I could tell that he was very knowledgeable and he answered my many questions regarding the system.

I work for a large general contractor/construction manager in commercial construction. I have a sense for a good and honest tradesperson. I think that Scott was great. The people who put the work in place are often the first to make or break a reputation. It's not always about the bottom line. I am glad to be a Bourne's Energy customer. I have had other service calls from Bourne's Energy and those plumbers were well mannered too. I really appreciated Scott's candid nature and willingness to answer my questions. Keep up the great work."

Jeff P.

Bourne's provides quality service. I know because I use you personally and the school districts have not called with any complaints and I really appreciate that.

School District Managment

I can't tell you how happy I am with Bourne's. Every time i speak with CS they are relaxed, helpful, AMAZING. Even the techs who have come out to the house -- super nice and professional. Pam who set up our account was wonderful as well. I am truly thankful for your honest professionalism. PLEASE, please keep doing what you are doing. Thank you from Bolton Valley. You are making a serious difference with your superb business standards. (I rarely write reviews or give feedback )


I wanted to thank the service department for getting out here as fast as they did, it was within the 45 minutes and the tech they sent out was excellent, very professional, his name was Chip Aubin, would you ensure his manager gets that message. I have to say, I have worked with a lot of companies in my career and customer service is so critical to successful businesses, I believe Bourne's employee's are an example of this high caliber customer service. Thank you again for the prompt professional service.


Thank you for all your good service and help with this very difficult winter.


Thank you very much for getting a service man to fix my furnace this week- disaster averted!! Sinks were frozen and toilets full of ice.


Thank you so much for my oil delivery Saturday night! What great people you have working for your company.


Chad does TERRIFIC work!


Thank you Bournes! Your service and your staff have always been great - This time a special thanks. Having our furnace die in the midst of the coldest spell in years was a nightmare. Thanks for promptly getting your great service people here, diagnosing the problem (furnace was 20 yrs old),helping us figure out what to replace it with, and keeping it running until the new one could be installed. John and Slade were wonderful - very efficient, knowledgeable, hard working and professional, and pleasant even when knee deep in mud in the basement. They were terrific! Even wiped up the floors before they left!

Sally and Peter

Hang in there! I’m glad I’m not in your shoes. Thank you for the updates and intensive customer service outreach. I’ve a notion no corporate outfit would come close to the outreach you’re doing.


Chip was a terrific support getting our system fine tuned in December. He was careful, diligent and cheerful at all times. Please relay our sincere gratitude for his thoughtful help!


I woke up at 6:30 this morning and found Bourne's Energy delivering fuel to my home. The temperature was minus 16 degrees with forecast of remaining well below zero for the next four days. I am grateful that Bourne's energy takes such good care of us. They always do.


Hi Andrew! Ron and I are very happy with our new furnace. Just in time as it got much colder this week.We want to give high praise for the technicians who came out to get it done. John and Slayde who did much of the work as well as Tom and another tech who I didn't get his name(they came Monday morning to get old tank out etc). These guys were very professional, considerate( they took their boots off every time they came into our home) and explained everything that we needed to know, like changing the filter etc. Tell Peter to give them a Big Christmas Bonus!! Many thanks again.

Ron & Maxine

I'm so happy that I changed providers and Mark was FABULOUS!! He deserves a raise!!!

Robert H

Cassie: Many thanks for the site visit/safety check you made this morning so I could become a customer of Bourne's energy. You answered all my questions about the change over and left me feeling assured that it will be a pleasure to have your company taking care of all my propane needs. Everyone I have talked to at Bourne's thus far relating to my new account has been great to deal with. Thank you!


Had eight college friend house guests last week (yes, I AM still retired!!) and then six more family members this week. In between.... a water crisis in the basement that I couldn’t determine the source of the constant wet floor. Long story short, Mike LeBlanc was here both Saturday and Sunday and is a fine young man. He was so thorough, knowledgeable, helped me to sleuth, and solved the problem. He is an employee you can be very proud of and your clients happy to have on board!! As you know, I love to pass good stories on to you and give praise where due!


Had a productive visit from Eric about 2 weeks ago. He corrected some issues we had on the Buderus and it has been working fine since. Wanted to let you know that Eric is an outstanding representative of Bourne's. He is both personable and professional and gets the job done right. I always have a smile on my face when I see him at the door because I know what to expect and he never disappoints. The office staff also handled this situation very well. Our Buderus unit has been somewhat of a challenge, which can be frustrating from the customer side. I was happy to see the office staff recognized Eric's visit was due to annual maintenance work we had done back in May. Thus, we were not billed again to fix it. Please relay my appreciation to everyone for a job well done. Thanks.


I just wanted to extend my thanks to you both for sponsoring the Healthy Breakfast in the St. Johnsbury Walk To End Alzheimer's on September 10th. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have Bourne's affiliated with this cause. Your assistance in the fight against Alzheimer's means more to me personally, than I can begin to express! I am extremely impressed with the high standard that you, as a Company, place on community involvement. It truly is an honor to partner with you....for this cause as well as on a business level.


On 5-26-17 Lester, Mark and John expertly installed my mini split...efficient and professional! They left my property clean and neat! I am completely satisfied with the operation of the Fujitsu...originally expecting it to accommodate the lower part of the house I am happy to say the A/C acting as dehumidifier covers the lower and upper living spaces! In our crazy wet weather pattern this is especially welcome! Installation of outside unit on ground base affords absolutely no vibration or noise on or around the house. Thank you all!


Good morning- I had a customer yesterday who called in about an ATU contract and we talked it through and she realized what a great idea it was. She was going to come in and sign the ppwk. I let her know that on Mondays this month the office was closing early so I could volunteer with Girls on The Run. She said “ Bourne's will close an office early so you can go out into the community and volunteer? I like you guys now even more, and I really liked you before!“

Waterbury Customer

We are a happy customer, guys were good , we were using more than usual and they wanted to know why, suggested we check our heaters and sure enough one was running and basically heating the outdoors....We will stick with vendors that are good to us.

Jericho Firing Range

I have to say that I have gotten some of the best service from your office. Really top notch. It has been a real pleasure working with you all.


Our apologies for the delay, but we wanted to say a big thank you for the gas line reroute that was recently done at our home. The new placement looks great and we can tell that care & thought went into it- the stub was even painted white to match our garage. Thank you for seeing to getting the work done in a timely manner. We really appreciate it! Great customer service goes a long way.

K. Fitzsimmons

Peter Ballou was dispatched to an elderly couples house for a no heat call and found when he got there the couple was very confused and most likely suffering from dementia as they kept asking him the same questions over and over. Pete called me to see if there was anyone listed on the account as an emergency contact for them so we could reach out to let know what was going on with their family members. Instead of just fixing their heat and going home to his own family after a long day of work Pete took the extra time and went above and beyond to take care of our customers. I think this is just another way our company stands out from our competitors. We truly care about our customers and our community and that’s truly a great thing.

Jen at Waterbury Office

I want to thank you so much for the prompt service I received from your staff. I called at 7:30 this AM about having no heat or hot water. James (your driver) was at my house by 11AM - just as he said. He was great!! Knowledgeable AND friendly. I just asked that I have heat and hot water by tonight because it was going to be in the 20's!! And, on such short notice, the beginning of a holiday weekend, I have heat and hot water! Thank you so, so much!


Hi Andrew, just a note to say what a good job you and your guys did on our oil tank. Your techs were professional and did great work. Again thanks a bunch for your professional jobs. Bourne's should be grateful to have u guys, I know we are. Thanks again.


Dear Bourne's, Thank you for giving us hot water throughout the week! Thank you for being so careful in our home! Thank you for doing such a good job! We appreciate you and admire the job you have done and all you know.

Bob & Amy

Gary called, he wanted to let us know how appreciative he was with his pellet delivery today. He had to run to the hospital for a friend who had a stroke and was not able to be there when the pellets arrived. They were stacked neatly and exactly how he would have told us to do it had he been there. He also loves the email he received to pre-buy his pellets for the year.

Gary M

I switched to Bourne last heating season 2014/2015 and have been extremely happy with the service. My prior company would put kerosene and/or oil in my outside tank and that often jelled and caused a service visit. Since switching to Bourne's, I've not had a single issue with my furnace.

Cindy and Lou

Jim showed up with our pellets with a smile on his face on a Sunday morning, when I wasn't expecting my pellets until Monday. It was a very pleasant surprise. Great service, especially navigating the extremely long driveway on a forklift. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.


I have had Bourne's Energy supply and deliver our propane for the last three years. I found their e-mail updates about my account to be useful and I never have to worry about running out during the cold winters here in North Hero.


I moved back to Vermont six years ago and bought a house. Bourne's has been my service provider since then for propane, heating fuel, plumbing repairs and furnace maintenance. I also bought a thermopride furnace from you two years ago. I have been nothing but very pleased with your service. Your service technicians are polite, professional and thorough in their work. You have always been responsive when I have had to make a couple of emergency calls. I always recommend Bourne's when anyone asks me to recommend a heating or plumbing service. Keep up the excellent service. Also, I think it is wonderful how you support our community in various ways with your donations and support to our local agencies.

Nick Jr.

I have nothing but positive things to say. I tried to get the company that had serviced our home with the previous owner when we moved here last September. I received nothing but promises of call backs that never occurred, multiple times. Finally, I cancelled their contract and I called your office and it has been nothing but smooth sailing ever since. Our propane is always well supplied, we have had two emergency service calls for issues with our hot water heater that were both resolved quickly and for a reasonable amount. Your office is always pleasant and helpful. I am so glad that the poor service I received at the other company put me on the path to you!

L & L

I am very happy with most everything..Your customer service is amazing and I appreciate the time everyone takes if I have a question. I would also like to give your service technicians a 5-star rating! They are very efficient and professional, & right there when you need them!

Max & Diane

I am a new Bourne customer having been with you for four months. The switch from my old provider was nothing short of phenomenal. The sales staff and technicians could not have been more helpful and professional. Inspections, installation, and account set up was handled expeditiously. I was kept informed of the process at every step of the way. I look forward to my first year of service.


Dale is an awesome service technician, he is the only one I will allow to service my burner as every other tech who has come to my home has required a call back because the job was not done correctly. Dale has never had to come twice to finish the job, he installed my new burner and hot water storage in the fall of 2005.


We are one Bourne's new propane customers in Swanton. We built a new home and we were antsy about how much our heating bill would increase with propane versus natural gas used at our old home. Nice to see that the storage tank was buried and is hardly noticeable. Folks working in the Bourne's Swanton Office made the transition and paperwork uncomplicated for us. They enrolled our home in automatic fuel delivery, auto pay, and group pricing. We are pleased that the transition to propane from natural gas was simple and downright uneventful. The tech guys even converted our brand new clothes dryer from natural gas to propane. As far as heating cost? We'll see after going through this winter.


I just wanted to say thank you. We ran out of propane, this weekend the coldest so far of the year and it was -15 out, and the house was getting cold. I want to express my thanks for not only sending someone out on a Saturday night, but having them arrive within an hour of us calling, is above and beyond what we could have asked for. I'm unsure of the name of the person who came, but it you could pass my thanks onto him. I would really like to thank him for coming so quickly and being so kind about it. Thank you!


I'm very appreciative of your company's' great customer service.


We would like to extend our gratitude to you and your team (Heather and Matt) for your prompt and outstanding service with the application and safety check process and procedure.


Bourne's has been great to work with. They made changing suppliers seamless, and their customer service and attention to detail is excellent. You can quote me!


We want to commend several of your employees for the outstanding work during the recent installation of a new gas boiler for our house. Mike Churchill came out to our house and thoroughly explained the pros and cons of oil vs gas as well as giving an excellent presentation on how these systems work. Based on the strength of Mike's presentation we did not feel the need to get other bids for the job. The work of Ian Samson and Scott Droney was top-notch. Not only did they conduct themselves in a very professional manner, they were considerate of our needs, and excellent at communication the various steps along the way. It was obvious they took great pride in their work. Great Job Bourne's Energy!

Shaw & O'Conor

I have always had a good relationship with Bourne's. They let me lock in a price for my propane, which is the best way to go for heating cost. The folks in the office are very nice and professional. I enjoy doing business with Bourne's. Thanks for your service.

Michelle P

Last week a technician came to fix my hot water problem. I very much appreciated Heather fitting me into the schedule so that the problem was fixed before noon! Thank you!

Margery S

The entire team at Bourne's has been fantastic! Karen in the Waterbury office is so helpful and kind. The service techs and salespeople are always knowledgeable and friendly. When we had a propane leak, Bourne's had a tech up right away to do the repair and to refill the tank. The pricing is competitive, but the service is above and beyond any other providers. Keep it up!!


Very satisfied. Pleasant gals to deal with- good service and house calls. A good experience.


Love you guys! Couldn't be more grateful for your work during Irene recovery. I regularly recommend you to others. Always can depend on you at all times - oil heating, plumbing, repairs, and annual maintenance (even when I lock you in) for prompt and professional services. All the staff is efficient, friendly and helpful. All are extremely professional. Thank you for always be there when needed.

Anne I

We've only been a customer of yours since December 2014, but to date the deliveries and service have been a great experience. It is wonderful to know that there are still businesses out there who not only talk about customer service, but believe in it and provide it with the best of intentions. Bourne is among them. We look forward to a long relationship with you. Thank you.

Amanda B

We have no issues with your service. Fueling pour fleet vehicles couldn't be easier and the electronic billing is perfect for us. Usage reports by individual are also very helpful for us. Keep up the good work!


My wife and I are Bourne customers since the mid nineteen seventies...You converted us from electric heat to oil. We have bought two furnaces from you. You do not have the least expensive pricing on oil. The reason we have stayed with Bourne's is that we have had a couple of furnace problems, always seem to happen on Sunday... Bourne's responded promptly, fixed the problem in a timely manner, so that is why we have stayed a Bourne's customer.

Mike S

Switched to Bourne energy this summer, far best most faire prices in the business. If you are anywhere else, you are wasting money.


You have been and still are a wonderful company. We recommend you all time including most recently my BIL who just became a customer of yours. Right now Highgate Center is being "fitted" for Natural Gas. We are switching over because it'd be silly not to with the savings we incur. We will continue to recommend you over the other propane companies.


We're new Bourne's customers and a new users of propane fuel. We've received excellent customer service from your office in Swanton, VT. The representative took the time to answer our questions and to explain the ins and outs of your service, related fees and pricing plans. A man by the name of Bill performed our tank inspection. He was very friendly and even brought us some venison after a conversation about the deer on our property, hunting, etc. Thus far we are very happy with our Bourne's experience.

Doug & Robin

We have been very pleased with your service. You've sent people to us when we needed help with our furnace and hot water heater quickly. We have been very impressed with the technicians knowledge, work and they have been very nice and friendly. They are to be commended!

Lorraine D

We've just switched to Bourne's, including a new tank. So far everything has been great. The tank swap was efficient and professionally managed. The company seems very organized, not like our last fuel provider. We look forward to a long, smooth relationship.


In addition to the excellent service provided by your delivery men, I am greatly impressed by your office staff - always respond promptly.


We have been customers for a long time and have always received prompt, professional, knowledgeable service both for needed service and oil delivery.


I am totally happy and delighted to be doing business with you. Service is just great.


We have been pleased with Bourne's products and service ever since we bought and you installed our home addition's gas furnace/space-heater. Your sales woman described perfectly what the unit would do and cost and she saw to it that the installation(s) went smoothly. The techs who did the work were equally efficient and effective. Thank you All.

John G

I have a remote camp and during the last propane delivery the driver went above and beyond maneuvering his truck on a very tricky "road". Thanks! We were almost empty.

from very appreciative

Love your customer service. I talked to Shella all the time during the first year in our new home, and it was great.

Waitsfield customer

We were recently without hot water and received same-day service. Everyone from the person I spoke with on the phone to the technicians who arrived at my door were extremely friendly. Our hot water tank was quickly repaired and both my husband and I are extremely happy. We will never call anyone else!


We have been very happy with Bourne's. Karen King is so helpful, insightful, and courteous every time I call, even with what I think are silly questions. She is very knowledgeable. We have dealt with Mike, Matt, and several other guys on various occasions. Again, they are helpful and courteous. We would and do recommend Bourne's whenever we get the chance.

delighted customer

I have been very happy with the quality of service I have received from Bourne's. My tank is always filled when scheduled, the price has been fair, and the people in the front office could not have been any more helpful or friendly.


I am very happy with your service and your deliveries too. I appreciate all you have done for me!!


This is a big "thank you" to John Hemingway and colleagues Nate and Slade for doing an excellent job in replacing our old furnace with a new one. The old furnace gave way unexpectedly and with the temperature changing and with us being out of town, we needed a quick solution by a business with a proven track record, and who we could trust to do the work while we were away. John, Nate and Slade responded quickly and professionally, coming in over the weekend to do the work. Now that we are back, we can enjoy the results of their hard work. Thank you John, Nate and Slade very much.

Jim & Joan

All in all I am feeling like the info you share, your website, etc... has a lot more transparency than I ever had with Suburban and that is a breath of fresh air! Webinar was interesting. I’m glad I took the time.


Just an FYI, my tenant downstairs that had to give the guys access to the basement mentioned how very nice and polite they were. Thought you may want to know that.


THANKS Karen...I love you guys already! :) I'll see the gals in Swanton tomorrow morning and again, I'm feeling just a bit more piece of mind after this disaster with Liberty so thanks for your prompt replies. Buh-bye Liberty, one less customer for them to 'forget' to deliver fuel to! :)

Bitter in Swanton

Hi Karen...I haven't blown off Bourne, just deeply involved in the nightmare Amerigas/Liberty gave me so I promise to be in the Swanton office changing our propane provider in the next two days!! I can not wait to drop these people and may I also say the reviews of Bourne from people on my road have been stellar so YAY, I already feel better about my winter heating needs.


Shawn, Ian, and Cody have been out at our house a couple of days this week, replacing our furnace and our oil tank. This is just to tell you that they've been great -- consistently courteous and considerate, and responsive to any questions we've had. Thanks for the excellent service.


"The tanks were installed with great care (leveled perfectly, great attention to detail...unlike the previous company) not to mention that my husband had drawn a diagram...(continued on next slide) inside the tank cover (we had to dig up our septic previously so the diagram is to show us where the lines are in case we need to do this again), and the installer went the extra step and drew the same diagram inside the Bourne's cover for our benefit...we were very pleasantly surprised! It is a pleasure being a Bourne's customer!"

Deb & Dan

A. Loh of Hyde Park called today. She had nothing but complements about our tech SAM. She said she could not believe how quickly he responded to the service call, given that it was a holiday and she was sure that he had other things he wanted to do rather than coming to fix a leak at someone’s house. She said he was extremely polite and knew exactly what he was doing and fixed the problem in the most professional manner. She stated that if she ever has another leak she wants only SAM. She is also going to tell her friends that if they have a plumbing problem to contact us and ask for SAM!!

Recorded by Customer Service

"I want to commend the 2 servicemen, Mike & Chris , who came to our house to do repair work yesterday. They were not only efficient, but extremely courteous & patient & took the time to explain everything involved."


"Bourne's technician Lester is courteous, professional, clean, kind and it was a pleasure to have him at my home yesterday working."

Anne Marie

"Thanks so much for sending out the technician to help address the gurgling, witches cauldron that were the noises of our boiler. The tech bled the line and found nearly no pressure coming from the other side of the house, but my side was great. As it turns out, what ever he did, the "witches cauldron" went silent. Thank you."

Katie W

"After waiting for Irving to deliver our oil for over three weeks, and never making it up our driveway, I would like to say THANK YOU to Bourne's for promising me a delivery and actually making it happen! All that was needed was some chains and an experienced driver :-) you guys rock"


"I would like to provide my feedback to you regarding Bourne’s response to Mountain Cabin 47 pipe burst yesterday. I don’t often write emails like this but am compelled to after my experience. Your technician by the name of Mike Churchill responded to the Cabin and completed the repairs. I have rarely been so impressed with a technician as I was with Mike. He was professional, knowledgeable and presented and “can-do, will-do” attitude. Mike ensured that the systems were repaired, adjusted and verified prior to his departure. This level of quality employee helps to secure your current client base and develop future business. Please extend my gratitude to him and recognize him for his efforts. Happy Holidays."

Cabin Owner

"I had a scheduled apptmnt last Friday, 8/10, to have a plumbing issue serviced. Your technician, Burt arrived promptly at the schedule time and efficiently/quickly addressed my plumbing issue. While in my basement, he recognized that there was an issue with my water pump / storage tank...and explained the issue to me and suggested that I probably should have it looked at so my motor would not burn out. While this is not a service that Bourne's offers, I appreciate that Burt went above and beyond the parameters of his service call to bring this to my attention. This speaks highly of Bourne's and their service technicians. Please forward this information to Burt's supervisor and manager. It would be wonderful if more companies and their employees showed concern for their clients for more than what they are called to do. My compliments to Burt and your company."

Anne C

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I switched to your company as of yesterday, and already we are blown away at the level of customer service we've received. I manage the account for one of our off-site properties so I had already been pleased from a corporate stand-point (which is why we chose to switch from our previous vendor) but I just wanted to let you know that from a personal standpoint, the level of customer service so far has been above and beyond."

Deborah and Daniel

"We recently completed a project that involved the installation of a 330gal. tank in our basement and removal of a 1,000gal UST adjacent to our septic tank. I just wanted you to know how professional,efficient and courteous the employees at Bournes were that worked on this project. Brian organized and managed the process from start to finish. He promised me that Bournes would take very good care of us and thanks to his hard work right till the tank went down our driveway, the services provided could not have been better."


"I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at Bournes Energy!!! Not only did I come to a company that lowered my propane bill vastly, but, I also gained a company that truly cares about me, the customer!!! All of you were there to walk us through the steps to switching from one company to yours. We were introduced to your company with the presence of a person who came to our home, sat at our table, and walked us through all the stages of what was to come. We received guidance, direction, and suggestions. We received support and care. Thanks to all of you, especially Chris, Bill, and Mike!!! They were fantastic!!! I was able to have the propane tank moved from the back yard to my side yard. My husband and I have wanted that for over 20 years. Today, Bourne made that a reality. Thank you so much for everything!!!!"

Diana E.

Judy called this morning to thank Christine and Sam profusely for their assistance yesterday. Christine facilitated getting 2 old water tanks removed from her basement and she appreciated her efforts and the extra space. Sam diagnosed a crack in their furnace and advised them of the risk. She stated he was exceptional.

Judy P / CSR

"Lester was here working on our heating issues this morning. I just wanted to say you need more people like him representing Bourne's. He was punctual, very friendly, polite and informative. I hope we do not have any more issues but if we do I hope you send Lester!"

Loni B

Jennifer called to let us know that she was AMAZED by the work and professionalism of Teddy when he came to her house 4/22/13. There has been a lot of service done over the years to her LP Furnace, but Teddy serviced it like no one before. He took the time to go completely thru the furnace like a man on a mission. He was extremely kind and answered all her questions to where she could understand the problem. He didn't just clean up afterwards, he cleaned up 110%. She was very very pleased with his work and hopes that if she ever has an emergency Teddy will be the one that comes to take care of her furnace.


"Thank you for your service this season, it's been a breath of fresh air compared to our previous supplier...Much appreciated!"


"I can't tell you how happy I am that we switched to Bourne's Energy! Thank you!"


"I just want to voice my appreciation for everything you do for me - always available, no matter what time or day, ready to help out your customers. My contract with you is certainly worth it; and your technicians are knowledgeable,caring and efficient. Your have reason to be proud of your company."

Irene B.

"Hi, Thank you so much for your donation to our team for the Relay for Life...and I think what you have done with your pink truck is awesome! I am a survivor..."


"Dear Bourne's People! Many thanks for the great service on our propane leak. Rodney and Dale did such a wonderful job!"


It is with our most sincere gratitude that we are writing to you regarding the financial help we recently received under the "Split the ticket" program. We buy our oil from Bourne's Energy in Morrisville, and like many other retirees on a fixed income, have been having a difficult time paying for the cost of our oil needs. We cannot begin to tell you what a help this has been to us this year. With our Social Security income increases "frozen" for over the last two years, and the spiraling increases in every commondity we have to buy, it has become extremely difficult to maintain the financial survival of any retired person in this country right now and we are no exception. We do what we have to do to keep going, and a financial "gift" such as this program is truly a tremendous help. We reserarched your Association and the Split the Ticket Program, and found that over 6,000 gallons of free fuel were given out last year, so you obviously have help many people like us. We just wanted you to know how very much it was appreciated."

Barbara & William

"Dear Peter Bourne, I'm writing to extend a most sincere thank you to your company. My previous propane supplier provided the worst service and caused me to look elsewhere for service. Because you were a local company, I didn't hesistate to contact Bourne's. And I haven't regretted it. Karen in your Waterbury office has been absolutely FANTASTIC!!! She has been very responsive to my inquires and has gone the extra step to follow-up even when she didn't have to. This includes a couple times after hours for her. Lester came out to check the tank pressure and rule out leaks. Not only did he perform that quickly, but efficiently too. Additionally he was quick and accurate about the propane line needed for the new fireplace. Again, thank you for such wonderful service and for your GREAT personnel. We look forward to a long relationship with your company. Please share this with your service people, thanks!"

Jane & Gail

"I just received an invoice for a propane delivery to our home and wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience and honest service we have received in this transition from FG White. Your people did everything they said they would do and were friendly and polite throughout the process. Clearly my friend/referral was right about you guys. Thanks from someone who expects to be a customer for a long time."


"Thank you so much for our excellent installation and for accommodating our needs during this busy season. "

Belle & Bob

Tamara-Fairfield, VT "Ernie did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He did an excellent thorough job and I was very pleased with Ernie's work."

Caretaker at at the Hatch House

"Hi, I just wanted to send a positive e-mail. I am a new customer of yours and new to propane as well. I have been working with Heather from the Swanton office. She has been absolutely amazing and gone above and beyond to help me out, explain everything get things set up for me. I just wanted to pass this on, seems like now days people are willing to complain but don't take the time to say good things...so Thank you Bourne's, and please thank Heather for a job and service WELL DONE. I feel like I am talking to family instead of a big corporation. I called around to get quotes and debated going with someone else until I talked to Heather. "


"We have been more that pleased with your service and I feel everything has been going smoothly. Dawn is awesome and always communicates where needed. It is a pleasure to have that kind of relationship. I never have to wonder what is going on that way and it covers both us and you. So I want to Thank You for all of that. As for a reference, I would be more than glad to speak highly of Bourne's to anyone who wants to know."

Don, Mountainside Resort, Stowe, VT

"Hi Karen, thanks for sending along the information. It is helpful. I was very surprised to see the overage from the budgeted gallons. We’ve been clipping along keeping the thermostat low as we always have and surprised. But, I guess we’ll need to take a closer look next year so we don’t have a repeat of this. Your customer service is great and as I mentioned to Paula, we were long term customers of your cross town fuel supplier and we left because of extremely poor customer service. Bourne’s provided the best, in my book, customer service. We realize things aren't perfect all the time, but, you guys try very hard and Kathy and I appreciate that. Keep up the good work."

Steve and Kathy

Recieved Winter 2011 in response to Bourne's Energys February 14th mailing "Do you love your Driver?" asking everyone to help with snow removal for our delivery people: 1.Dear Delivery Guys, Shovel? No trouble! We need your feet to bring us our heat. So delivery day is S.W.AK. (Shovel With A Kiss) - 'cuz we don't want to miss those B.T.Us of bliss. 2.Just wanted to say that we do LOVE OUR DRIVER & very much APPRECIATE all that he does for us! We try to make a conscious effort to make his job as quick & easy as possible all winter.

Received in Response to February 14th Mailing

"The new furnace was installed today and seems to be working well. Thank you so much for scheduling the instillation so quickly. The installers did a great job. THANK YOU SO MUCH."


"Our furnace is up and running again. The gentleman who came out on Friday night was very nice and had the furnace in working order extremely quickly. We have been very happy with Bourne's since we switched from FG White. Thank you for adding to our pleasant experience with Bourne's!"


"I am writing to let you know what a positive experience I had in your Waitsfield office this morning! I spoke with Shella when I stopped in there to pre-pay for some propane for our home. While there, she patiently went through all my payment options as well as pricing, as I was trying to get the best price for propane today and in the future. She ignored the phone a time or two so as not to ignore me and again was very helpful in keeping my options clear. I thought you should know that great customer service is alive and well and really helps make a customers day. Thanks for the service!"

John L.

"Just wanted to say that Dale did a great job with the sink. He is easy to talk to and knows what he is doing. Very valuable employee for your company."


"Steve came to do the annual maintenance on Monday March 25, 2013, and was just wonderful. He was neat, professional, thorough and very pleasant. You should be proud to have someone like him representing your company!"

Loni B

"A lot going on at The Paddle today! After eight years, we changed propane companies to Bourne's Energy. From my dealings with Swanton Branch Manager Pam Scott, Heather Lamothe (Customer Service - nice phone voice, BTW) to ... Service Techs Paul Patno and Mike Begnoche, I really believe that Phoebe and I made the right decision. Paul and Mike were a joy to work with today - real professionals! We look forward to a long, positive business relationship with Bourne's Energy!"

Blue Paddle Bistro

"The tech you sent up [Ernie] to do the GSC at my camp, he really knows his stuff and was really professional. He answered all my questions and was really helpful."

Daniel B.

"I have to tell you that you guys are the best heating fuel company in the state, I am not kidding. Your willingness to work with my family means so much. Thank you Paula, I really appreciate it. I checked the tank last night, we are good for now with just a bit under half a tank."


"Pam, hi! I was just outside doing a little gardening. I glanced at one of my two propane tanks, and did a double-take. The tank at the front of my house had been leaning somewhat, since it was originally installed. When I looked at it this afternoon, it was standing perfectly straight. The tank has been completely re-set. The original rock that was underneath it was gone. Whomever re-set the tank found two nice slabs of concrete, (the ones that were originally beneath the OLD company's tank), and used them to level and stabilize the Bourne's tank. Thank you, and your worker(s) who did the good work!"

Evan A

"We have greatly enjoyed working with Bourne's Energy. You are certainly a step up from the rest in every way."


Belle called this morning and sent her many thanks to Bourne's and specifically to Carey for his assistance in dealing with a LP gas line leak caused by the cable company. She was extremely appreciative of his efforts.


"Emlen called to say that he was very happy with how everything turned out. He was very happy with Leonard's work and how we all came together to get him heat again."


Dale was an absolute angel. He came out and rescued me, and even though it was during the ice storm on Dec 22 and the road conditions were horrible he acted like he was very happy to be there to help solve heating problems. You have an awesome young man working for you.

M. Amsden

"Ian was an excellent guy, a great representative of your company. He really tried to take care of me and my family in a bad situation.”

J. Flynn

"You are totally Awesome Kathy. Thanks for getting them into the system so quickly. I also appreciate you getting the current fuel prices to us each week. It’s nice to see someone who Love’s their Job !!!"

S. Dalpe

"Wanted to pass along that Levi did an annual tune up the other day, the customer Mike Sturtevant, wanted to let us know Levi did an exceptional job, was very professional and went above what the average tech did. Mike was in the business and knows the shortcuts, and Levi didn’t use any of them."

MIke S

"Tracy, thanks for the quick response on these things. Very refreshing after dealing with Bad Flame for years."


"Karen, Thanks for the great start with Bourne's. The personnel have been great on site as well."


"I know we all get too much email so I'll keep this short. I just wanted to follow up on this email that I sent to Pam. Pam contacted me about my concerns, and has been very helpful, and understanding. She's more than willing to work with me to get this resolved. I really like Bournes, and over the past 4 years have recommended it several people who use propane. I know for a fact that you care about your customers, and that's very important to me. Thanks. Take care. "

P. Perrino

"We were there when the technician came. We appreciate your doing this for us. The gas fireplace is working well for us. We also found a different problem with the hookup to our washing machine and the Bourne technician graciously called and arranged for one of your plumbers to come out Friday morning. We are very satisfied customers."


"J. Brown called in today and wanted us to know how happy she is with her delivery driver John. She had been trying to get her snow banks pushed back for a few days now for Bourne's but had no luck. John happily filled over the snow banks with a smile and while he was there the mailman came. Then he brought the mail and the fill ticket to the door for Mrs. Brown and she was very impressed with him."

M Banks