Community Involvement & Donations

We care about the communities we serve and do everything possible to support them. Bourne's has been able to help in all these valuable organizations:

Mike & Pete Bourne as the Maple Festival Parade

Customer Charity Choice Donation Program 2017

Bourne's has re-vamped our donation program to reach more charities with in our coverage areas with charity selections are made by our customers.

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Annual Turkey Donation - Bourne’s Energy donates 8.7 tons of Turkey to local food shelves for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Since 2007 until present, Bourne’s has held an employee Turkey Drive that donates to local food shelves for the Thanksgiving Holiday to ensure everyone has a wonderful meal and day. At an average weight of 12 pounds per bird, over 17,376 pounds (or 8.7 tons) of turkey has been donated through-out the years.

2017 Turkey Drive for local food shelves

We are able to pull this off because of generous employees that personally contribute as many turkeys as they can and Bourne’s owners, Pete and Mike, matching every single one creating a turkey total that makes us proud as a peacock…oops, wrong bird, but you know what we mean. Here are the numbers:

2007- 70 

2008- 90 

2009- 68 

2010- 90 

2011- 116 

2012- 124 

2013- 132 

2014- 148

2015- 180

2016- 216

2017 -214

TOTAL: 1448

64 Turkeys have gone to the Chris’ Turkey Challenge for the Lamoille Community Food Share, 20 to the Waterbury area food shelf and the remaining will be distributed throughout our service areas - Newport - Waitsfield - Lyndonville - Montpelier - St. Albans & Alburgh.

Past Community Donations and Support

  • Vermont Land Trust
  • Local Area Cancer Network Truck Donations
  • American Breast Cancer Association
  • Local Area Food Bank Donations
  • United Way Donation Truck
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Community Events Support
  • Annual Turkey Donation
  • Environmental Conservatories
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Split the ticket program
  • Local Venue Support
  • Animal Support
  • Local Arts